Scheveningen (The Netherlands)

This 50 meters luxurious Giant Wheel is built on the famous Dutch Pier of Scheveningen, 8 meters above the North Sea! Guests will have a unique view above the sea and the skyline of Scheveningen, Hollands most visited beach city. SkyView de Pier also provides guests to have an excellent lunch, dinner or High Tea in one of the 36 closed and climate controlled gondolas. Get to know more about SkyView the Pier: www.skyviewdepier.nl

Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

In the heart of the city Rotterdam (NL) you will find this luxurious 50 meters wheel with 36 closed and climate controlled gondolas. SkyView Rotterdam is located just next to the famous “Markthal”, the number one hotspot of Rotterdam. Besides a great view over the center of Rotterdam our guests can also enjoy a lunch, high tea or dinner during the flight! Get to know about SkyView Rotterdam: skyviewrotterdam.nl

Helsinki (Finland)

This 40 meters high Giant Wheel, located in the harbor, gives guests the best view across the city of Helsinki and harbor area. SkyWheel Helsinki offers 30 closed and climate controlled gondolas. It is also the first Giant Wheel in the world with a sauna gondola and became already the “must do” attraction of Finland. Get to know more about SkyWheel Helsinki: www.skywheel.fi

Dubai Festival City Mall (United Arab Emirates)

Located at Dubai Festival City Mall, one of the biggest shopping malls in Dubai, the “Festival Wheel” gives visitors an exclusive view across the water font and Dubai skyline. This 40 meters luxuries Giant wheel with 30 climate controlled gondolas offers guest also first class front row seats during the world record breaking water and fountain show IMAGINE, starting each day from 19.00h. Get to know more about the Festival Wheel: www.festivalwheel.com




SkyView Attractions is always developing Giant Wheels for exciting new locations around the globe. If you have any questions about our projects, Giant Wheels and concepts, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.