People always have been fascinated by height. The higher, the better…. But height was also a major challenge for people in the past. New technics however are making it much easier to go higher, so now, height is not the only goal anymore. Our R&D department is continuously looking for new opportunities to add extra flavor and pleasure to height by adding innovative features to our products and services. More and more cities, as well as specific cultural and commercial locations see the huge benefit of having a luxurious Giant Wheel at their site. Besides bringing a luxurious Giant Wheel, we also make sure that we do “just the thing extra”. That’s why we came up with our licensed concept: DinnerWheel.


During a stay in our Giant Wheels, customers can enjoy a complete and luxurieus lunch or dinner in our closed gondolas with airco and comfortable seats. The perfect extra for an unforgettable “flight” and ideal for locations in a city. One of our innovative concepts is the SkyView “DinnerWheel”. With this new concept, customers will not only experience the height and see their own city from above but they also will enjoy a luxurious diner in an exclusive Giant Wheel gondola. “The experience of a luxurious dinner, the ambiance in an exclusive gondola with airco and the amazing view from above will be the perfect combination of an unforgettable evening with friends, family or business partners”.


We believe in “working together”, so if you have the perfect location and need for a Giant Wheel to make it even more successful, we have the solution because SkyView Attractions operates and runs these Giant Wheels throughout the year and at our own costs! We don’t ask for your investments, we only ask for AAA locations. Please contact our team of leisure professionals and learn more about the various options to bring a luxurious DinnerWheel at your site or city! Our team of specialist will make all the calculations needed for technical approvals. We will also provide all necessary licenses and other paperwork to get started. If you have a location which can be suitable for our Giant Wheels and DinnerWheels, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for locations like:

- City Centers
- Touristic area’s
- City Harbors
- Commercial en shopping centers
- Leisure projects
and many more….